Member-driven organizations, specifically 501(c)s, face significant challenges in managing and fulfilling their responsibilities to the board, members at-large, employees, donor advocates and the causes they serve.  Very often, the organization’s effectiveness is dependent upon key individuals whose actions and person require special protection from risk and litigation.  These principals often have special executive benefit needs that require a keen understanding of complex insurance and benefits strategies. A sound approach to benefits is also imperative in order to keep employees productive and content, as well as to attract and retain the most passionate and talented staff available.

Through years of working with many leading associations, RCM&D recognizes the nuances and details of creating viable and valuable insurance, risk management, affinity program and employee benefits strategies.  We understand the thoughtful and sensitive decision-making process, financial considerations and multitude of stakeholders involved within these entities.  Our Association Practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions designed and managed to meet each organization’s specific priorities and requirements. 


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