Independent Schools

Independent school administrators face a complex portfolio of risks as they seek to provide the best education and value for students and their families. Risk presents itself across all areas of the school campus, from the playground to the science lab, from athletic teams and facilities, to the general safety of the student body as they actively pursue knowledge, development and socialization. 

These institutions must also protect their infrastructure and financial capital, as well as provide for the productivity, wellness and satisfaction of their faculty and operational staff.  Compounding these directives are the continued compliance and governance demands placed by community, state and federal entities.

RCM&D understands the imperatives and challenges of risk mitigation and management at independent schools. Through our Education Practice, we work with private schools to develop effective insurance, risk management and employee benefits programs. We look at a school through its primary function -- serving as an institution of learning. The more we are able to help our educational clients fulfill their day-to-day activities and confront complex challenges as they arise, the more resources they will have to educate our youth, advance knowledge and create satisfied students and parents.

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