International Life Sciences

The clinical trial is in Rwanda, the CRO is in London, and the IRB is in Seattle. The Sponsor is in Rockville. Coordinating these elements appropriately, in order to ensure the success of the program, is a complex and intricate task.   

No matter the role, life science companies find themselves wherever the patients are. More often, companies are working globally to advance, test or distribute their life science products or services and the resulting concerns and parameters involved can prove challenging. For example, many countries have established laws that govern the placement of insurance coverage within the country, often requiring the use of a domestic broker and/or a domestic insurance company. Additionally, several countries mandate a specific limit of liability for a clinical trial, while others don’t even require insurance.

Along with access to country-specific information at our fingertips, RCM&D has relationships with local, experienced professionals all over the world to efficiently answer any questions and manage global transactions. We adeptly coordinate these services for clients, streamlining their interaction to one call, one solution.

Whether it is running a trial, buying a facility, or planting a sales force, we engage the necessary products, services and expertise through our Assurex partnerships. Our team makes international risk management feel local.  


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