Human Services Organizations

With a focus on critical causes such as community action, addiction treatment, disabilities, domestic abuse, child services, healthcare, and mentor programs, human services organizations must take a careful and thoughtful approach to protecting and mitigating risks for their leadership, employees, assets and those they serve.  These agencies contend with complex requirements and regulations to ensure accountability and compliance with community, state and federal government entities, while also having specific needs in transparency, reporting and daily management. 

Additionally, human services organizations are compelled to offer specialized benefits programs in order to foster employee satisfaction and productivity, and to attract and retain the most passionate and talented staff available.

Through years of working with diverse human services organizations, RCM&D recognizes the nuances and details of creating viable insurance, risk management and employee benefits strategies.  Our Non-Profits Practice is dedicated to providing these organizations with comprehensive solutions designed and managed to meet their specific priorities and requirements.


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