Architecture and Engineering Firms

With a focus on designing and building structures that are high functioning, aesthetic, safe and cost effective, architecture and engineering firms face unique risk mitigation, insurance and employee benefit challenges. They are confronted with concerns such as exacting contractual detail, difficult-to-measure relationship accountabilities and risks, litigious and financial exposure, safety and environmental concerns and government/zoning entanglements.  The risks for the architect and engineer are pervasive and enduring, starting from the first blueprint and potentially lasting well after the building is in use.

Additionally, attracting and retaining the best talent is an especially challenging task in architecture and engineering firms. Human resources departments often deal with a diverse population comprised of traditional employees and highly-compensated partners and executives. As such, they are compelled to provide tailored benefits packages which meet the distinct needs of each group.  Understanding these differences and knowing the details of complex executive packages is vital to the introduction and deployment of successful benefits programs within architecture and engineering firms.

Through years of working with top architecture and engineering firms, RCM&D advisors recognize the nuances and details of creating viable insurance, risk management and employee benefits strategies.  Our Professional Services Practice is dedicated to providing these specialized firms with comprehensive solutions designed and managed to meet their specific priorities and requirements. 


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