Catastrophic Modeling: Data Integrity Risk Assessment

Accurate, complete and validated data is essential to making critical decisions regarding the risk and
insurance needs of your asset portfolio in the event of catastrophic loss scenarios. Our Data Integrity Risk
Assessment for Catastrophic Modeling leverages nearly 100 primary characteristics and secondary modifiers
of the assets to more precisely model the potential impact of various catastrophic/natural hazard perils. The
results of this program help to drive your limit setting decision and ultimately, may help to drive down the
overall cost of your program.


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RCM&D's real estate practice meets the complex needs of developers, property managers, REITS, private owners, and asset managers or financial institutions with real estate portfolios.

Lower Your Total Cost of Risk.

Instead of focusing solely on insurance placements, RCM&D's real estate practice looks at your overall strategy to create and implement short and long-term tactics that will lower your total cost of risk, protect your assets and help your organization operate more efficiently.

Revealing Hidden Risks for Developers.

Our extensive studies including yield development forecasting, allocation strategy, due diligence and financial research allow us to uncover hidden risks and develop customized programs for real estate developers.

Meeting the Challenges of Property Management.

RCM&D’s skilled consultants will help property managers identify and manage hidden risks on residential and commercial properties. We partner with your organization to perform in-depth contract reviews to limit your liability.

Protecting Your Hospitality Business.

From casinos and resorts to hotels and restaurants, RCM&D's real estate practice helps protect your hospitality business from the natural risks associated with the industry. Our team creates tailored solutions that are unique to the needs of your business and may cover:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Employee Practices
  • Security Hazards
  • Food Safety
  • Liquor Liability
  • Golf Course
  • Property and Casualty
  • And More

Our team understands emerging industry challenges and develops innovative solutions to mitigate associated risks including terrorism, cyber liability, unmanned aerial vehicles and environmental liability.

Drone Insurance: A Market on the Rise.

There are a multitude of exposures surrounding drones, ranging from injured bystanders to personal property damage to invasion of privacy. To mitigate those exposures, insurance carriers have begun offering liability coverage for drones.

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