Clinical Risk Management

For healthcare organizations, risks that impact the health, safety and well being of patients represent pervasive and critical challenges. To ensure the safest environment, healthcare organizations must be diligent in ensuring that systems are regularly monitored and that proper controls are in place. The team at RCM&D Healthcare is focused on delivering risk reduction and patient safety strategies tailored to each organization’s specific needs and offers specialized clinical risk management services to hospitals and health systems, senior living communities, physicians, and allied health organizations.

RCM&D’s healthcare consultants will work with your organization and its internal risk management and patient safety team to help mitigate risk through implementation of patient safety measures, risk reduction strategies, and evidence-based best practices. The RCM&D Healthcare team consists of registered nurses, as well as risk management and insurance professionals. Our clinical risk management services include:

RCM&D consultants examine an organization’s risk environment to evaluate its potential to experience and respond to adverse events and their consequential risk. The evaluation includes a review of policies and procedures, interviews with administrators, staff, and physicians, medical record reviews, and a tour of the physical environment. The organization receives a written report outlining the findings and recommending evidence-based risk reduction strategies.

RCM&D can participate as an ongoing clinical risk management partner in a variety of ways, including pre-underwriting practice assessments, risk management assessments and advisory sessions, patient safety practices and ongoing placement of resources and programs. Full-scale clinical risk management co-sourcing and outsourcing is available to maintain clinical risk management programs.

RCM&D’s risk management consultants are available by phone, fax or email for consultation on issues such as investigating and documenting adverse events, reviewing policies and procedures, benchmarking and determining best practices, and assisting with the training and orientation of new risk managers.

RCM&D offers research assistance on specific patient safety and risk management topics, many of which require detailed knowledge of clinical issues, a keen understanding of industry trends, and access to select resources.

RCM&D proudly sponsors and presents unique, informative, high-quality educational seminars on a wide range of patient safety, clinical risk management and risk control topics. Our consultants present to regional and national groups, both in-person and virtually.

This unique service provides immediate assistance to organizations that require temporary risk management staffing for short- or long-term coverage due to job vacancies, medical leaves of absence by the risk manager, and the demand for additional support during times of crisis. RCM&D’s consultants have worked as risk managers and can “step in” to maintain or supplement the risk and claim identification functions within the risk management department.


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