We believe that managing a health plan requires a two-pronged approach of short-term direct benefit plan expense control and longer-term efforts to improve the health and productivity of employees - by utilizing data to develop a results-driven comprehensive wellness program. With this belief and a thorough understanding of a client’s culture, financial obligations, and workforce objectives, we help to craft client-specific wellness initiatives based on a foundation of:

  • Leadership support to promote a culture of health
  • Cohesive wellness teams to help drive the corporate message
  • Data analysis to develop results-driven initiatives that produce improvements in employee health and positively impact plan experience.

We have developed a Healthy Workforce Framework which guides a client’s effort to build a healthy workforce.  This approach provides strategic direction by identifying all possible contributors- from the claims payor to public resources, and ensures accountability in the process.  

Our goal is to help each client develop a multi-year strategy for building a Healthy Workforce, specific to their organizational culture and goals using proven, cost-effective resources from existing carriers / vendors, area non-profit healthcare organizations, and governmental agencies.


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