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Whether traveling domestically or internationally, RCM&D Global helps you every step of the way to ensure your employees’ well-being and safety as well as protecting your bottom line.

Traveling employees are significant and often expensive assets and investments for a business. As a responsible employer, have you considered the following:

  • Will your employees have the support to find a qualified physician if they become ill while traveling?  Who will take care of them and manage your costs?
  • Who will evacuate your employees safely when they fall victims of a traffic accident, earthquake, or a terrorist act abroad?
  • How do you respond to a worried spouse calling when your key employee has been hospitalized while on business?

Let your employees focus on your business, we’ll handle the rest!

Benefits for the International Traveler 

  • Emergency Medical Reunion
  • Accident & Sickness 
  • Emergency evacuation (medical, political unrest, natural disaster)
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Repatriation of Remains
  • Kidnap and ransom

We Will Save You Time

As a representative of your interests, we carefully select and negotiate the most appropriate travel coverage for your unique situation. We specialize in comprehensive solutions for all types of travel concerns and provide you with peace of mind knowing that reliable coverage and assistance are available to your employees any time anywhere. We can identify hidden risks to help you and your employees be prepared for and manage any unexpected emergency while traveling.

Reduce your Risk

1. Research Your Destination(s) and Culture

2. Research Health & Medical Conditions'

3. Check Travel Warnings and Alerts

4. Register with U.S. Embassy


Ready to continue the conversation? We’d like to. We are eager to discuss your risk and benefits management challenges, your organizational goals, and your appetite for new solutions based on your unique business needs.