Short Term Disability

Short-term disability (STD) programs may be inefficient for employers with more than 200 eligible employees, either in terms of insurance premiums that far exceed claims paid or in effective return-to-work programs.  Current programs that are self-insured, but administered through an insurance carrier, may limit services associated with Short Term claims and also are limited in their focus to return the disabled employee back to work.  Some employers self-fund and self-administer their Short-term disability programs, which can lead to inefficient claims administration and potential violation of HIPPA laws.

The integrated absence management program also corrects the area which is often overlooked.  How does your current program coordinate Short-term disability claims with your Workers’ Compensation plan?  Coordination through a single-source platform eliminates the potential of dual payment from Workers’ Compensation and Short-term disability and potentially can lower the litigation relating to the denial of Workers’ Compensation claims.


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