Personal Property and Liability Programs

RCM&D offers the extensive lines of coverage needed for affluent individuals and their families. Coverage extends to a range of luxury investments including homes, yachts, high-performance automobiles, fine art, jewelry, antiques and priceless collectibles. Personal property and liability coverages can also include personal security, family protection, home invasion, wallet invasion, kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance, and solutions for the employer of private staff.  

We understand the specialized needs of affluent individuals and customize coverage to reduce exposure and offer practical protection at an exceptional value. We provide the following options:

Homeowners: RCM&D experts work with each client to choose the appropriate insurance program for one of the most valuable assets: their home and its contents.  We specialize in assets that reach beyond standard mass-market policies, such as custom homes, restored homes with unique historical and architectural features, vacation homes and multiple residences.

Automobile (Preferred, Standard, & Non-Standard): Whether the need is for standard or non-standard auto insurance, RCM&D experts configure the optimal policy needed for all vehicles types.  Our approach includes agreed value coverage on fine automobiles such as collector vehicles, as well as an analysis of corporate versus personally-owned autos.    

Personal Articles: RCM&D customizes each client’s program, providing coverage for personal articles of value when needed. We specialize in collections of jewelry, artwork, antiques, wines and other valuable articles.

Appraisal Services: Available for art, jewelry, real estate and other collectibles.

Personal Asset Inventory: Offered to track personal assets electronically.

Watercraft: RCM&D experts understand the unique needs of yacht and sailboat owners.  They contemplate the watercraft itself, as well as the property, assets and liabilities that may be associated with it (valuables, aircraft, fine arts and jet skis) to devise appropriate coverage programs.

Flood Insurance: Flooding and water damage is not covered by most property policies. RCM&D experts provide the far-reaching flood protection coverage needed.

Personal Umbrella: Our advisors help tailor a plan to safeguard assets in the event that home, auto or other policies are exhausted. 

International Travelers: Our travel protection offers coverage when outside influences require a client to cancel a trip, return home early or obtain emergency medical treatment while traveling.  We assess an individual’s needs and obtain appropriate travel-related and international lines of coverage, including evacuation and repatriation

Special Crime Coverage: We also work with individuals who desire a higher level of family protection against carjacking, home invasion, child abduction, ransom and extortion, road rage, stalking threats or hijacking. 

Whether personal or business related, we want to help you understand your current insurance programs, fill any potential gaps in coverage, and ensure a continuous, streamlined approach to meet all your unique needs.

Ready to continue the conversation?  We'd like to.  We are eager to discuss your personal risk management and asset protection strategies.