Philanthropic Activities and Personal Business

Philanthropic Activities

For many affluent individuals, philanthropic activities are an integral aspect of their wealth management plan.  Many donate their time and talents, often through Board memberships, to charitable organizations and philanthropic endeavors.  We help clients understand their potential exposure as a Board member, as well as the organization’s role in securing the proper directors and officers coverage.

Personal Business

As a hobby or as an investment diversification, many successful individuals maintain shares or ownership in other entities. For example, real estate partnerships are common, where an individual may be a member of a partnership that owns or leases property, and the partnership may have multiple members.  We help individuals understand their personal exposure as a member of these types of personal business partnerships.  

Whether personal or business related, we want to help you understand your current insurance programs, fill any potential gaps in coverage, and ensure a continuous, streamlined approach to meet all your unique needs.

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