Property and Business Interruption

Recognizing the potential implications of any property or business loss is paramount in ensuring business continuity after an unexpected, incapacitating event.  With concerns such as production impairments, ongoing operating expenses, income loss, temporary locations and employee payroll, a company’s short- and long-term sustainability is dependent on proper valuation, contingency planning, insurance program design and claim handling.

RCM&D offers leading technical expertise and superior customer service for all aspects of property and business income insurance.  We help our clients analyze their risk of loss and determine the amount of exposure to absorb and the amount to transfer to insurers.  Driven by experience, knowledge and creativity, our property advisors are adept at designing and negotiating cost-effective policies with optimal coverage. 

In conjunction with expertly-designed coverage, the claim response is also critical.  With a dedicated claim staff comprised of experienced advocates, RCM&D has the expertise to successfully negotiate favorable coverage decisions in diverse, complex situations.  Of particular importance is our understanding of business income losses and how to best present documentation to achieve maximum reimbursement. 

Additionally, through our strong, long-standing industry relationships and resources, we keep current on carrier developments and industry trends and maintain ongoing, specific information for many unique exposures, including all of those applicable to our industry practices.  We have direct relationships with the industry’s largest property insurers and have made significant placements for properties located throughout the world.


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