We focus on keeping your students healthy, so that you can focus on making them successful.

Student Health Insurance

The student health insurance plan your institution offers impact more than just the student health center where it is coordinated. Effective coverage can help encourage the overall well-being of your entire student and campus population. That is why we work with you to build a custom program designed to meet the needs of your institution and its students. 

Our Special Risk Division is committed to staying ahead-of-the-curve on all industry regulations and emerging trends, so we can better help you meet the demands of those changes.

Special Risk Brochure

Breaking Down Institutional Silos

While most schools manage their campus through departmental divisions, institutional risk rarely exists solely in one of those divisions. Our Special Risk Division provides a single partner to help your institution understand the risks of each department and mitigate those risks with cross-functional insurance and risk management solutions.


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