Risk Management Webinar Series | Responding to Violence in the Workplace: Active Assailant

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Regardless of the industry or location, incidents of workplace violence continue to rise, particularly since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. News of mass shootings and other active assailant incidents cycle on a seemingly daily basis. However, there are ways to prepare your organization to respond to such incidents.

This webinar will help to provide an understanding of the risks of workplace violence and the actions that can be taken to protect yourself and others if faced with a violent event at work.

We will review several methods to prepare your organization, including:

This one-hour webinar is a prerequisite for the RCM&D/SISCO Active Assailant Interactive Classroom Response Training, where active assailant response options and techniques are demonstrated and practiced in a detailed interactive program.


Greg Hart

Risk Consultant

Stacey Markel

Team Leader, Risk Consulting