An Unprecedented Shift: New Remote Workplace Challenges

An Unprecedented Shift: New Remote Workplace Challenges

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The sudden shift to a near all-remote workforce is creating new, unprecedented workloads on IT Departments around the globe.

When working remotely, many employees connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which allows the user to connect their computer to their office network. This access lets employees utilize all office resources from their home. While this makes teleworking much easier, it can also create heightened security risks.

According to a list from K2 Intelligence as outlined in a recent article in JDSupra, these are some of the key factors IT Departments should consider when setting up secure VPN services for employees:

  • Verify and test that the servers can keep up with the demand of an increased number of remote workers.
  • Confirm the VPN is patched with the latest updates.
  • Communicate VPN usage guidelines so that workers know what is available off VPN and what is only available through VPN.
  • Organizations should implement multifactor authentication (MFA) for all externally accessible services, especially the organization’s VPN and any gateways that allow remote administration.

Ensuring software is updated, deploying regular security patches and ensuring all users have appropriate privileges while working from home is key to a safe, virtual working environment. Continuous communication with the IT Department will be crucial for all employees during this difficult time.

K2 Intelligence recommends the following be included as part of the communication protocol:

  • Create a template for all internal communications. Limit the number of people who can send group emails using the template.
  • Do not allow employees to send work emails from or to their personal email accounts.
  • Make the work from home policy widely available for all employees to see.
  • Have a team dedicated to answering any questions or concerns regarding the policy.

This “new normal” creates unique challenges at every angle, especially from a cybersecurity perspective. Talk to your trusted RCM&D advisor today if you have any questions regarding staying safe in today’s virtual world.