Risk Management


Risk mitigation is crucial to protect your viability, productivity and financial fortitude. Planning for risk requires a deep understanding of your operations, hazard and exposures, and customized strategies are often necessary. Our Risk Consulting team provides technical consultation to systematically identify, quantify and manage risk across your entire organization. With this customized approach, we can help you integrate risk management into your overall strategic goals. 

RCM&D Risk Management Division operates through its consulting services and third-party administration subsidiary, RCM&D Self Insured Services Co. (SISCO).

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Risk Management Webinars

We offer monthly webinars on timely risk management and compliance topics. These webinars provide general and relevant information to all clients. Many training programs are available for various industries in PowerPoint and safety shorts (talking points) formats.

Enterprise Risk Management

We help organizations to identify and manage uncertainty through an integrated ERM process to recognize, analyze and manage enterprise risks — strategic, reputational, technology, compliance, operational, and financial.

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OnTrack is a comprehensive web-based suite of risk management, safety and HR tools and resources designed to assist organizations with:

  • Improving efficiency and productivity
  • Managing loss control and prevention
  • Support OSHA compliance and drive results.
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Ergonomic Workstation Self Assessment

SISCO’s ergonomic module was designed to educate employees in optimum computer workstation set-up and to assist employees in identifying and correcting deficiencies in their workstation set-up and work practices.  Whether an employee has been experiencing pain or discomfort, or you want to be proactive in ensuring correct ergonomic practices, RCM&D/SISCO’s Ergonomic Workstation Self-Assessment is a solution for you. 

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