RCM&D Self-Insured Services Company (SISCO) is a consulting services company and third-party claim administrator providing claim, risk and data consulting.

Established in 1979 as subsidiary of RCM&D, SISCO was formed to provide a comprehensive and innovative solution for organizations seeking a self-insured alternative in workers’ compensation and required claim administration services. SISCO has since diversified to offer consulting, claim and risk services for data management, long-term disability, professional and general liability and more; for organizations that are self-insured, fully-insured, or funded through captive or high deductible programs.

As a subsidiary of RCM&D, SISCO is able to leverage the extensive resources available to the firm while providing an even more personalized client experience. SISCO has the ability to work independently, objectively, and without conflict of interest with other insurance brokers and providers.

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge, prompt, proactive, and comprehensive risk, claim and data consulting services. Our goal is to obtain the best outcome possible in the most cost-effective manner.

At SISCO, we are committed to data security and quality assurance. We actively maintain compliance with SSAE 18SOC 1 and HIPAA security controls.

Empowering Data-Driven Decisions

Benefit from real-time access to the robust, award-winning  platform, Origami Risk. This integrative and interactive data command center helps you to identify and reduce financial risk associated with your processes and procedures. The fully configurable platform offers all of the features and functionality needed to aggregate, analyze and act upon data insights.

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OnTrack is a comprehensive web-based suite of risk management, safety and HR tools and resources designed to assist organizations with:

  • Improving efficiency and productivity
  • Managing loss control and prevention
  • Support OSHA compliance and drive results.
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A Unison Risk Advisors Company

RCM&D Self Insured Services Co. (SISCO) is a Unison Risk Advisors Company. Unison Risk Advisors was established in 2021 through the historic and strategic merging of Oswald Companies and RCM&D.

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