Enhancing Your Processes.

RCM&D's gap analysis program is a customized diagnostic process used by our expert consultants to assess clients’ cost containment practices and identify improvement opportunities. The analysis provides consultants with data needed to identify root causes of under-performance and prioritize the solutions to enhance client processes.

With an understanding of the unique aspects of an organization’s operations, we assist in building highly effective solutions that:

  • Address client's unique concerns and priorities.
  • Consider return on investment and strategic goals.
  • Identify barriers to change.
  • Enhance management's commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Align with clients' philosophy, culture and strategy.


Comprehensive Financial and Process Analysis.

The gap analysis program consists of two primary components: financial analysis against your peers to asses your current state and establish realistic future goals; and process analysis against recognized best management practices in order to identify and prioritize solutions.

Gap Analysis Report

Your gap analysis report will include:

  • A financial assessment relative to your peers.
  • A comparison of management systems against best practices.
  • A summary of strengths and opportunities.
  • A prioritized list of potential gaps
  • Recommendations for "closing the gap."

Eliminating Ergonomic Stressors.

RCM&D’s ergonomic services help clients identify and reduce ergonomic stressors in a variety of workplace settings to ultimately improve employee productivity and performance. These unique solutions, ranging from individual function improvements to comprehensive organizational programs, help you promote and maintain a healthy and safe workplace.

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