Optimizing Opportunities, Managing Threats

An ERM approach can allow any healthcare organization, regardless of size or scope, to systematically optimize new opportunities while managing threats— and in healthcare these threats and opportunities are everywhere. When risk management is integrated into the entire healthcare organization, exposures can be recognized and resolved quicker and more efficiently than in a traditional siloed approach.

Healthcare ERM Benchmarking Report

ERM Benchmarking Study

RCM&D has identified the top risk concerns for this hospitals and health systems through an ERM benchmarking study. The study provides valuable insights into the biggest challenges that healthcare organizations face today.


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Phased-In Approach

With RCM&D’s phased-in approach, we embed ERM into your existing organization while creating as little disruption as possible. It doesn’t happen overnight but with a strong partner, you will be able to design and implement an ERM program that is sustainable, cost-effective and provides clear long-term results.

Healthcare ERM Self-Assessment

Take this quick 10 question self-assessment to determine your organization’s culture, operations and aptitude for ERM.


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How ERM Provides Value to Your Organization

It often takes several years to fully develop and implement ERM. Through this approach, change will come gradually, purposefully and strategically. In the end, a mature ERM program increases an organization’s success by managing not only risk of loss but also strategy and opportunity.


  • Improves strategic decision making.
  • Anticipates risks & minimizes threats.
  • Improves business performance.
  • Identifies & manages cross-enterprise risks.
  • Enhances risk-response decisions.
  • Provides compliance with legal & regulatory requirements.
  • & more

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