A Comprehensive Solution for Long-Term Care

The RCM&D Care Providers Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Group program is an actuarially funded self-insurance trust designed to provide a long-term solution for managing workers’ compensation costs as an alternative to the ever-changing commercial insurance marketplace.

Our members benefit from the lowest possible premium and access to a complete solution to manage growing costs and risks associated with workers’ compensation. 

Individualized Risk Consulting.

When working with each member, our risk consultants use our specialized assessment matrix to measure the member’s cooperation with risk management efforts, promptness in reporting claims, and participation in programs such as modified duty and accident reduction.

Taking the Mystery out of Claim Administration.

Recognized as an industry leader, RCM&D Self-Insured Services Company (SISCO), has provided comprehensive claim management, risk consulting and advisory services for more than 35 years.

Comprehensive Loss Prevention and Claim Management.

As longstanding providers of workers’ compensation, self-insurance and claims management, RCM&D and SISCO have developed a comprehensive Loss Prevention and Claim Management Plan to help control workers compensation costs. 

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