Real Estate

Industry Expertise

RCM&D has been engaged in the real estate space since our inception 135+ years ago. Our practice professionals are well-versed in the exposure challenges presented by all asset classes as well as the premium thresholds achievable based upon the quality of the assets. One of our missions as your broker is to provide an unwavering effort to consistently test those premium thresholds to achieve the most competitive pricing the marketplace has to bear.

The services we provide for real estate accounts is not just rhetoric.  They are activities that we do on a daily basis and were designed with the input and assistance of our long-term clients.  Examples include accounting and claim reports broken down by location, quarterly claim activity reports and claim review meetings, separate invoicing and coverage summary by location, contract reviews of many types and risk management site reviews.

Instead of focusing solely on insurance placements, RCM&D’s real estate practice looks at your overall strategy to create and implement short and long-term tactics that will lower your total cost of risk, protect your assets and help your organization operate more efficiently.

Key Solution Highlights

RCM&D’s Enterprise Contractual Risk Management (ECRM) service is a unique offering with an abundance of resources and an experienced, dedicated team focused on reviewing and negotiating contracts and agreements in collaboration with your team. This is done to ensure that there is proper insurance coverage to support the contractual requirements and eliminate coverage gaps created by the complexities of the contracts real estate owners and developers are signing. As a client, you will benefit from the deep, substantive knowledge of best-in-class insurance requirements and risk transfer provisions that we provide.

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