Special Risk Services


The RCM&D special risk division provides benefits for schools, daycares, youth groups, sports teams, recreational associations, volunteers and community service organizations and businesses with comprehensive insurance solutions designed to address risk across a spectrum of these operations.

Student Health Insurance

Effective student health insurance plans can help encourage the overall well-being of your entire student and campus population.

Intercollegiate Sports Coverage

Provides institutions of all sizes with customized coverage to protect the institution’s student athletes, bottom-line and reputation.

Study Abroad & Travel

Our Special Risk Division works with your institution to create comprehensive solutions that provide a peace of mind for your travelers, so that they can focus on their enriching cultural experiences.

Our Special Risk Division has been serving K-12 and higher education clients in the mid-Atlantic region for more than 50 years. We are committed to providing superior service to your students, their families and your administrators.