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RCM&D’s cyber risk and insurance team helps you to address the expansive financial and reputation-damaging impacts of a cybersecurity incident by assessing your risk exposures, identifying a plan of action and helping you understand your compliance responsibilities after a breach.

Addressing the Cyber Hard Market

The current cyber market is highly volatile and experiencing a major paradigm shift. Claims activity has been exacerbated in both frequency and severity, mainly by ransomware, negatively influencing Cyber Liability’s profitability for carriers.

The swift shift in the cyber landscape has caused significant disruption for insureds attempting to procure or renew coverages. Our team is closely monitoring these changes and continues to refine our approach to keep clients informed and prepared.

No Business is Safe from Cyber Threats

As our reliance on technology only continues to grow, so does the risk of cyber threats. New cyber threats emerge daily, with ransomware attacks holding businesses hostage and dominating news cycles. From mom and pop shops to Fortune 500 companies, these threats do not discriminate.

Scenario: Hacker

$1,606,550 Payout

Insured’s computer systems were breached to extort the insured by threatening to release employee login credentials. However, the login information was encrypted, and the hackers were unsuccessful. They also engaged in a DDOS attack, which affected all of the insured’s systems. Systems were back online with minimal functionality within a month and with full functionality within two months.

Our Cyber RiskScript Process

Our Cyber RiskScript process is designed to prepare you for the volatile market and is supported by tools including self-assessment questionnaires, non-intrusive vulnerability scans, limit modeling, and technical consulting.

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Non-Invasive Cyber Modeling

Unison Risk Advisors is proud to offer BitSight cybersecurity ratings. A BitSight rating is the culmination of a non-invasive cyber modeling process, providing a complete view of your cyber posture and risks.

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