Risk Consulting

Managing and planning for risk requires a deep knowledge of operations, hazards and exposures.  Those tasked with risk mitigation and management also must recognize the vital responsibility to maintain the viability, productivity and financial fortitude of the organization. This level of understanding and engagement is a distinguishing factor between companies who employ a routine risk management strategy, focused on insurance placement, and those who use risk management as a differentiator for the organization’s critical operations.

RCM&D’s Risk Consulting team provides technical consultation to help organizations systematically identify, quantify and manage risk.  This approach enables the integration of risk management – primarily related to operational, workforce and property exposures - as a vital component of an organization’s strategic goals. Whether advocating on a client’s behalf with an insurance carrier for the best possible premium or solution to carrier recommendations, gaining compliance with regulatory standards, or implementing a tailored risk solution, our team of safety and risk control professionals helps maximize the value of all available resources.


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