Mitigating Unpredictable Risks.

RCM&D’s education practice works in tandem with administrators to develop sustainable, institution-wide solutions to address the unpredictable safety, liability and financial exposures of the industry.

As a leading broker to educational institutions in the mid-Atlantic region, RCM&D offers better market access, more competitive premiums and unmatched expertise.

Special Risks for Education

We help you to ensure each institution's success through proactive management of risk with risk transference, financial protection and strategic policy.

Independent Schools

Our extensive experience and keen insights into current issues enables us to develop long-term strategies and highly targeted solutions for the K-12 landscape.

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Higher Education

Navigate the complex risks inherent on a college campus and develop cost-effective, comprehensive solutions unique to the needs of higher education institutions.

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Diverse Solutions for a Diverse Workforce.

Our team provides uniquely tailored benefit plans that address the diverse needs of the entire educational workforce, from the expert faculty to the highly-skilled operational staff.

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