2022’s Biggest Attack Vectors, Security vs. Compliance and More: September Cyber News Bytes

The Biggest Attack Vectors in 2022

Cyber threats and cyberattacks have been studied at length in recent years, providing valuable statistics to help organizations evaluate their cyber exposures. In addition to reviewing statistics, businesses should also consider supporting the studies that provide these statistics to further the information available on threats to their business. An article from pulls together references and links to multiple reputable sources for studies and analysis on expected cyber threats for 2022. It references industry, business size and data held as the three main factors an organization should review when considering risk factors. In addition to these factors, the article condenses the report’s findings into two overarching common vectors of attacks – servers and people. Strategies and approaches to cyber defense are also briefly discussed.

Security vs Compliance

A recent piece from Security Boulevard provides a helpful review of the intersection between security and compliance. Given the current cybersecurity landscape and rapidly evolving regulation that is only outpaced by cyber threats, understanding how these two interplay is critically important to creating a resilient organization. As summarized in the article, security is about protection and compliance is about trust. Without these two pillars, your organization is at risk.

The Preventable Scam: Fraudulent Wire Transfer

Fraudulent wire transfers are becoming increasingly more common in today’s vastly remote and virtual work environment spurred by the pandemic. In 2021, there were approximately $2.4 billion in losses due to hackers compromising business email accounts. In another selection from Security Boulevard, you will learn the tactics bad actors use to infiltrate an organization, what appropriate financial controls you should have in place, preventative measures and the resources you should call immediately if you fall prey to wire transfer fraud.  

Healthcare Cyber Attacks: Impact on Patient Care

The cyber trends impacting the healthcare industry have been widely covered since the start of the pandemic.  Healthcare, more than any other vertical, has been targeted or is susceptible to experiencing the effects of the dense and far-reaching cloud that is cyber risk. Through this newsletter, we’ve reviewed these threats and continue to discuss risk management tools and approaches to mitigate the exposure.  A recent report conducted by the Poneman Institute summarizes why these efforts are so critically important for healthcare providers, projecting the impact (financially and level of patient care).  While this information likely confirms what we already know, it can also serve as a valuable reminder of the importance to continue to stay diligent in our cybersecurity efforts.