Commonly Overlooked Commercial Flood Risks

Recent examples of flooding in the Baltimore metro region and around the country have demonstrated the importance of commercial flood insurance— even if your business is outside of a flood zone. Just because it is not located in an area considered “high risk” for flooding does not mean it is not vulnerable. Some statistics from FEMA demonstrate the flood risks to local businesses.

A resource and slideshare shared by Travelers Insurance demonstrates six overlooked commercial property flood risks that elevate the risk and shares some tips for addressing those risks.

Surface Water – Sewer backups and poor drainage can cause flooding far away from bodies of water.

Storm Surges – High tides driven by storm winds may cause flooding in lower-risk areas.

Levees & Dams – Poorly maintained dams can cause catastrophic damages downstream.

Changing Topography – New construction and pavement alter drainage paths, creating floods where they did not exist previously.

Equipment Damage – Water-damaged equipment can interrupt business operations.

Extreme Weather – Increase in higher-intensity hurricanes across the country.

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