Unison Risk Advisors

Established in 2020 through the  strategic merger of RCM&D and Oswald Companies, Unison Risk Advisors (a dba of the JBO Holding Company) is majority employee owned. On June 20, 2023, NSI became the third partner of Unison Risk Advisors. Unison Risk Advisors is made up of these three primary operating companies and all their existing subsidiaries and sub-brands. 

Unison Risk Advisors represents one of the nation’s largest privately held and employee-owned, insurance brokerage and risk management firms. It ranks among the 40 largest brokerage firms and among the top 5 largest independently owned firms in the country. Unison Risk Advisors is committed to an independent brokerage service model guided by the belief that clients are best served by professionally managed and well-resourced firms that can act independently upon the best interests of the client.

As a whole, Unison Risk Advisors serves more than 35,000 personal and business clients and has annual revenues of more than $188 million. Our clients are regional, national and international in various industries, including construction, education, healthcare, hospitality, professional services, real estate and more. Unison Risk Advisors features a combined workforce of more than 700 employees in 18 office locations throughout the mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Florida. 

Currently, Unison Risk Advisors is made up of three primary operating companies (RCM&D,  The Oswald Companies and NSI) and all their existing subsidiaries and sub-brands. Additionally, Unison Risk Advisors is uniquely positioned to bring on other like-minded firms under its umbrella in the future.