Ebola: A Threat Across All Industries

With the recent media coverage on Ebola, Enterovirus D68, and other historic events such as Avian and Swine flu, SARs, HIV, Hepatitis (and let’s not forget  the seasonal threat of colds and flu), all employers are faced with  unique challenges to protect employees and our business.  Most communicable diseases are spread through direct contact with blood or body fluids.  As such, there are many unique exposures we all face at work and in our everyday activities such as school, daycare, gyms, restaurants, hotels, airports, etc.

Personal health and hygiene habits of employees are the foremost defense against these diseases.   Now is the time to time to reinforce the importance of following personal hygiene practices with your employees and their families.  From regularly washing your hands, to following universal precautions when cleaning up blood or other body fluids, make sure you have provided the proper training to your workforce and that they have access to – and are using – PPE and properly disposing of potentially infectious waste.  It is also a great time to remind staff of your sick leave and absence policies and not to come to work if they feel ill or symptomatic.

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