Enhancing Safety and Risk Management Operations with Artificial Intelligence

Changes in the Market due to AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the landscape of business operations, and safety/risk management is no different. With the capability to analyze extensive data, identify patterns and make real-time decisions, AI significantly improves our capacity to identify and address potential hazards.

An essential benefit of AI lies in its capacity to employ predictive analytics for detecting and monitoring trends within your facility. Through the analysis of historical data and pattern recognition, AI can anticipate potential hazards. Armed with this information, we can proactively take corrective measures to avert the occurrence of these hazards.

Utilizing AI Effectively

Moreover, AI has the capability to monitor and respond instantaneously. Through the utilization of cameras, sensors and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices, AI can actively oversee diverse hazards and deliver real-time alerts. For example, RCM&D/SISCO recently collaborated with an AI company specializing in leveraging existing security cameras to identify events, as demonstrated in the context of hazards and exposures in a manufacturing operation.

Some additional examples include:

  • Ergonomics: AI can detect hazards including lifting postures, bending, overreaching and the likelihood of developing a musculoskeletal disorder.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: AI can detect if you are wearing your PPE such as your hard hats, safety vests, glasses or gloves.
  • Power Industrial Trucks: AI is proficient in identifying instances of speeding, parking, safe driving at intersections and near misses in proximity.
  • Operations: AI is capable of monitoring asset utilization, identifying door activity and recognizing instances of machinery/equipment downtime.
  • Environment: AI excels in recognizing spills, identifying areas without pedestrian access and detecting blocked exits/aisles.

A significant benefit of this system is the ability to leverage your current security cameras, eliminating the need for additional purchases. Installation usually takes less than a week and the software seamlessly integrates with all camera types. The user-friendly software generates easily interpretable charts/graphs. RCM&D/SISCO clients utilizing the system have experienced a noteworthy decrease in injuries and lost time, accompanied by an enhancement in operational efficiency.

Reach out to an Advisor

Implementing AI into RCM&D/SISCO’s safety and risk management operations is a beneficial tool in reducing risk. From data collection to real time monitoring, we can mitigate or eliminate hazards at our workplace. Reach out to an advisor for more information in this