Mass Timber Construction on the Rise

We continue to hear about the rise of mass timber construction in the construction world. With this rise comes several questions — What is driving this demand? Is this demand sustainable with the volatility in lumber prices?

Two key factors are driving the demand for mass timber construction; corporate ESG initiatives and building code changes. While there are different ways to construct a building via mass timber, cross-laminated timber (CLT) has gained momentum in the commercial development space.

Some of the ESG benefits of building with CLT come from the product itself. It grows naturally and is renewable all the way to the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process requires less energy and produces fewer greenhouse gases. Another benefit to CLT is that it has similar physical properties to concrete and steel in terms of strength.

New building codes are also contributing to the rise of mass timber. Initially introduced to the International Building Code in 2015, it was limited to five stories or below. In 2021, this code was amended to allow CLT buildings to be built up to 18 stories high.

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