Pokémon Go Safety Tips

It’s been two weeks since the release of the new hit mobile game Pokémon Go. In that time the game has been downloaded by more than 15 million users who are playing the game for an average of 33 minutes per day. The game uses smart phone GPS, camera, and augmented reality to allow players to explore the real world while collecting items, Pokémon, and battling gyms.

Pokémon Go has had a large impact on some businesses that have become Pokéstops. A Pokéstop is a real world location where players can find items and drop lures to attract Pokémon. Many businesses are embracing the game by dropping lures and advertising their Pokéstop status to attract customers, while others are posting no trespassing signs to keep players out. To request the addition or removal of a Pokéstop visit Pokémon Go Support.

The game has encouraged millions of people to get outside and explore their neighborhoods while exercising, but has also lead to concerns about the safety of users. Many people playing the game are not aware of their surroundings. There has already been reports of users tripping and falling, wandering into traffic, or even playing the game while driving. Other players have been robbed while playing the game in secluded areas, and a stampede broke out when a rare Pokémon was spotted in Central Park. The game itself includes a warning on the load screen asking users to pay attention to their surroundings. To add to this, here are a few safety tips to follow while playing the game.

  1. Travel in groups
  2. Carry water and snacks
  3. Make sure someone knows where you’re playing
  4. Play in well-lit areas where people congregate
  5. Don’t play while biking, skateboarding, or driving
  6. Don’t trespass
  7. Watch where you’re going

While some users have been injured while playing the game, the majority of them are having a great time meeting new people, exploring new areas, and getting exercise all at the same time. Following these safety tips will ensure that everyone can enjoy the game in a safe manner. Happy hunting!