Preparation Is Key: Construction Training Critical For First Year on the Job

A new study from Travelers finds that 35% of workplace injuries occur during an employee’s first year on the job, regardless of age or industry experience. Construction companies are especially at risk, accounting for the second most first-year injuries in the study, which drive more than half of the industry’s claims. The construction industry also experiences the highest average of missed workdays with 98.

Due to the nature of construction, an emphasized focus on employee training and onboarding are critical components of any successful risk mitigation strategy.

Common Claims

According to the Travelers report, the most common types of first-year injuries included:

The most expensive claims accounted for 8% of total claims and 26% of total claims costs. These included amputations, multiple traumas, electrical shock and dislocations.

Plan Ahead: Hiring and Training Strategies 

Proper hiring and training strategies are critical in risk prevention for the construction industry. A write-up from Travelers highlights some effective strategies in these areas.

Hiring Process

The onboarding process should be tailored to each employee, and training should not stop at the onboarding phase of employment. Some strategies to consider for this topic include:

Work With a Trusted Advisor

Along with implementing effective training regimens, working with a trusted risk advisor is an excellent way to mitigate safety risk and reduce financial exposure related to first-year workers. RCM&D’s experienced team of risk consultants can help your business implement effective training regimens and create a culture centered on safety.

Reach out to a trusted advisor today for more on construction industry risks and how we can help you mitigate them.