Preparing for Winter with a Complete Winter Emergency Plan

Winter is here!!!   Now is the time to look over (or develop) your Winter Emergency Plan.  Be sure to include procedures for how you will deal with ice and snow, employee and customer safety, facility preparedness and business continuity.  Below are a few tips to help you with the basics:  

W:   Walking surfacesInside:  Use absorbent runners or mats that can reduce slippery floors.  Outdoors:  Know what paths you need to shovel and where the shoveled snow will go.  Ensure that banked snow will not block emergency exits, equipment, pedestrian walkways or designated parking areas. 

I:    Insurance – Obtain contact information, in advance, for your insurance carrier in case there is a need to report a claim.  Check for updated information.

N:   National Weather Service (NWS) – Familiarize yourself with the differences between a Winter Weather Advisory, Watch and Warning and know what steps your company has designated to take during each alert.  You can also sign up for email or text weather alerts to be sent directly to you from the NWS.

T:    Team Members – Maintain a list of employees with contact numbers to be utilized in the event that you must close your facility, need assistance with snow removal, or require assistance with other essential business functions.

E:    Equipment – Make sure necessary equipment is available and in good condition. These items include: snow shovels and snow blowers, as well as emergency backup generators and heating systems. Be proactive! Make sure appropriate staff knows how to use all equipment BEFORE a storm catches you by surprise.

R:    Roofs – Inspect all roof types regularly to check for existing damage or deterioration that can be fixed prior to a storm or snowfall. Check roof drains and downspouts to ensure that they are free of leaves and other items that may hinder their use. Develop a Fall Protection Program (as recommended by OSHA) for those employees that will be removing snow from the rooftop. 

By following these advanced preparations, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of damage to your building or property. 

Contact RCM&D Risk Consulting or your Account Executive to review your existing plan or to develop a new one to help minimize the potential impact of winter weather on your business or organization.

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