Ready for Halloween? Safety Tips and Tricks for a Fun Night of Fright!

While many parents associate the words “Halloween” and “safety” with checking their children’s candy for allergens or tampering, there is another significant risk that should be addressed before trick or treating begins.

Each year, children across the country dress up for a night of door-to-door candy collecting. However, children are more at risk of being struck by a vehicle on Halloween due to factors like low visibility, not crossing at the appropriate crosswalks or lack of awareness of their surroundings.

Tips for Parents

For parents and trick or treaters, there are several ways to improve safety when going door-to-door on Halloween night. These preventive measures include:

Tips for Drivers

While it is important for children and parents to be aware of the risks associated with walking at night, drivers have a responsibility to be vigilant as well. Drivers should remember:

Stay Safe this Halloween

As we approach Halloween night, now would be a good time to discuss candy safety with your older children. Instruct them to keep an eye out for any packaging that may have been tampered with or appears to be suspicious.  For those with younger children, aside from sneaking a Snickers bar for yourself, be sure to inspect your child’s candy before allowing them to chow down.

Happy Halloween!