Regatta Beneficiary Spotlight: Empower4Life is Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

Each year, RCM&D selects regional, deserving nonprofits as the beneficiaries of our year-long fundraising and volunteer efforts. The culmination of those efforts is celebrated at our annual Regatta, a waterfront celebration held on Baltimore’s scenic Inner Harbor. Learn more about the Regatta here. Leading up to this year’s event, we will highlight one of this year’s beneficiaries and the amazing work that they do in our communities every day. 

About Empower4Life

Empower4Life is a Baltimore, Maryland based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves homeless youth in both Baltimore and Harford Counties. Teacher Jennifer Barrett Cox was inspired by her work with homeless children at the Eastside Family Emergency Shelter in Rosedale, Maryland. After seeing the disadvantages these children face first-hand, Cox founded Empower4Life in 2015.

The Empower4Life program provides dedicated teachers and a specialized curriculum that gives children residing in homeless shelters an opportunity to become self-sufficient and confident. 

Empower4Life is built on three pillars:

  1. Health for Hope: EMPOWER children to make good choices in life by giving them the tools needed to build and maintain their mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health throughout their lives by offering them access to wellness lessons. 
  2. Resources for Rejuvenation: EMPOWER children with basic necessities. With the help of our generous community, we are able to distribute food, bedding, clothing, personal care products, school supplies and more to these at-risk children.
  3. Fitness for a Future: EMPOWER children in shelters to learn that physical fitness can be a fun, lifelong habit by offering participation in a variety of interactive games, exercises and movement activities led by fitness professionals.  

In addition to the three pillars above, Empower4Life also hosts Camp Quest, a five-week, all-day summer camp for the children residing at one of Empower4Life’s partner shelters. Camp Quest allows homeless children the opportunity to hike, sail, swim, fish, kayak and much more!

Empower4Life: By the Numbers

100k+ pounds of food transported.

  • Empower4Life volunteers help to transport hundreds of pounds of fresh produce and food on a weekly basis. This food is served daily at the Eastside shelter in Rosedale, providing children with much needed nutrients in their diet. 

50k+ supplies provided to youth.

  • Empower4Life holds Back-to-School and Adopt-a-Child drives twice a year to collect resources for children in Baltimore and Harford County. With the help of the community, Empower4Life provides brand new clothes, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, toys, and so much more for the children. Empower4Life also provides care products, clothing and other essentials throughout the year.

525 program sessions conducted.

  • Empower4Life leads several monthly sessions with the children to help provide the tools needed to build and maintain mental, emotional, social and spiritual health through wellness lessons and physical fitness activities. 

How the Regatta will Benefit Empower4Life

Empower4Life’s goal is to expand its presence and give the children more opportunities for enriching, life changing programs. These programs help children surrounded by chaos, stress and toxic situations escape and continue to grow.

Additional funding would also allow Empower4Life to increase its reach and explore additional partnerships (such as hip hop dancing and CrossFit for kids).