Safe Winter Driving

To say that the winters of the mid-Atlantic region vary from year to year (and even day to day) has recently proven to be a serious understatement. Sometimes Mother Nature brings just a light dusting of snow; and then, every so often, we are forced to contend with a string of blizzards, Nor’easters and persistent snowfalls. Just this month, many of us have also seen the temperatures go from unseasonably warm to a polar vortex in under a day.  These sporadic extremes can wreak havoc on our lives, with no effects more widespread than the resulting foul-weather driving conditions. This often leaves many drivers unprepared and unsafe on the roads.  Read on for driver safety and vehicle maintenance tips to ensure you’re ready and protected in the event of snow and ice.

Driver Safety Tips

Vehicle Maintenance

While these are useful tips to apply to your personal vehicles, make sure you also share them with your organization if you have drivers operating company vehicles.

Maryland State Highway Administration

AAA Winter Driving Tips

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