Top Risks and Trends in Home Healthcare

Home Care Trends

Before 2020, there was a shift towards providing more cost-effective care in the home. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the healthcare industry to adapt in many ways, and home care services took a direct hit. Now, two years into the pandemic and looking forward, we expect home care services to play a significant role in expanding delivery models like hospital-at-home and SNF-at-home. Advancements in technology, like remote patient monitoring and virtual check-ins, allow for patients with a higher acuity to be cared for at home. While these trends are all important, fundamental principles like quality outcomes and patient safety remain a priority. Below are some home care trends from CareCentrix



Acute Care Delivery At Home

Hospital Care at Home, also known as Acute Care Delivery at Home, is not the same as Home Health Services.

Acute Care at Home is not for everyone. Some healthcare organizations have taken the lead on this new model of care delivery with the goal of reducing in-hospital care, reducing costs while experiencing better outcomes for patients who meet the criteria for this kind of patient center care.

Risk Management – Top Risks in Home Care

To identify and address the top risks in home care, teams should:

The most common risks include:

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