Tragic Death of High School Football Player Underscores Need for Student Accident Coverage

From sports/extracurricular activities to field trips to simple activities during the school day, students and educational institutions face a unique set of risks each day. 

For schools, comprehensive student accident coverage can help ease the hardships of student injuries and provide relief during a difficult time.

The Risks

In October, a high school football player passed away after suffering an injury during a game three weeks prior. His death was ruled the result of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Sadly, this tragic event is not the only example of a student athlete’s death or serious injury this year while playing high school sports. 

Interscholastic sports are perhaps the most dangerous of all student risks. Contact sports, like football, have been an important topic of conversation as we begin to understand the true health risks posed by concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Studies have shown that concussion rates during high school football games are on the rise, with many of these incidents, unfortunately, ending in tragedy.

Aside from sports, field trips, assemblies and other school-sanctioned extracurricular events can present significant risks to students. As more and more schools return to in-person learning and begin to host activities and events outside of the classroom, schools should be taking a hard look at their student accident policies to ensure they are properly protected in case of an emergency.

What Is Student Accident Coverage?

A student accident plan can help accident victims and their families by providing financial assistance and other aid in the aftermath of an accident during a school-sanctioned event.

The following are just some of the benefits of student accident insurance:

A student accident policy may include coverage for:

In addition, an experienced broker can help your institution uncover hidden risks and offer risk mitigation strategies to help tackle these risks.


Student accident coverage provides immediate assistance to families who need it while also helping schools address and resolve accidents after they occur. If you have any questions about student accident coverage, talk to your trusted RCM&D advisor today.