Treating COVID-19 Patients? You Have a Visitor…

Is your organization a nursing facility treating COVID-19 patients?  The US Department of Labor may be paying a visit soon.

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced an enforcement effort starting March 9, 2022 and running through June 9, 2022. This new effort will focus on monitoring current and future readiness to protect workers from COVID-19. OSHA Assistant Secretary of Labor Doug Parker stated, “We want to be ahead of any future events in healthcare.”

This emphasis of these visits will be placed on healthcare facilities that were previously issued citations or where complaints were received and no in-person inspection followed. Area directors may also use their discretion in selecting facilities that have incurred recordkeeping violations related to COVID-19 and for employers that have not properly implemented required engineering controls or work practices within the time period specified.  Where follow-up inspections cannot be performed, the area director may require the employer to provide written updates documenting progress.   

The focus will include the following:


Reach out to your trusted RCM&D advisor with any questions about this new initiative and for help preparing for a potential visit.

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