Understand Your Personal Risks

Why is it that many insurance providers are happy to recommend a specific insurance policy without first helping consumers to examine their actual risks?  Do they even care if saving you X percent in Y minutes leaves you vulnerable to uncovered risks that can threaten your assets?  How can insurance providers that lure consumers with lower costs while leaving them without the protection they need call themselves a good neighbor?

When receiving a proposal to purchase insurance coverage, consumers should ask this question: if you are not helping me to understand my risks, how can I determine if the policy that is being recommended provides the protection I need?

Helping consumers to first understand their risks is the cornerstone of our private risk advisory practice. As a result, I am always on the hunt for tools that can help insurance consumers better understand their PERSONAL RISKS.

The Travelers Consumer Risk Index documents extensive survey results offering details on the types of personal risks confronting individuals and families. The index provides some interesting insights and trends that can be used to help all consumers take practical steps to understand and better manage their risks. This excellent report is well worth reviewing. Among the key findings:

Download the 2015 Consumer Risk Index report compiled by Travelers.