Unveiling the Power of 'The Hiding Place': How This Community Treasure Transforms Lives

Every year, RCM&D chooses well-deserving local nonprofit organizations to be the recipients of our year-round fundraising and volunteer initiatives. The result of these endeavors is commemorated during our annual Regatta event, a delightful waterfront festivity hosted at the picturesque Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Mark your calendars for this year’s occasion on Friday, September 15. As we approach this year’s celebration, we will shine a spotlight on our chosen beneficiaries, showcasing the incredible impact they make within our communities on a daily basis.

About The Hiding Place

Founded in 1985, The Hiding Place offers year-round residential facilities to pregnant women in crisis. The organization provides secure shelter, transitional housing and necessities like food and clothing, while empowering women to address emotional scars, build character and self-esteem, improve their quality of life, and create a better future for themselves and their children.

Thousands of women have come through the Hiding Place’s doors, and over 1,300 babies have been born. Women who are pregnant or have a child under the age of 2 usually stay for a duration of 9 months. For any single women, the Hiding Place offers a 30-day emergency shelter option.

Buds to Roses

During their time at the Hiding Place, women have the opportunity to engage in a program known as “Buds to Roses.” This program has three parts in which the women work through personal and professional roadblocks. It begins with a personalized approach, guiding each woman to explore her identity and determine her future aspirations. Transitioning to the next stage, the program emphasizes vital components such as job training, health education, and self-esteem workshops. Finally, the program culminates with engaging sewing and cooking classes, equipping the women with practical skills that will accompany them beyond their time at the Hiding Place.

Once they are ready to leave, these women most often find their own housing, move-in with family members, or rent a room through the Extending Family offering through the Hiding Place. Utilizing the resources they gained from their time at the Hiding Place helps keep them stable in their lives outside of the organization’s walls. 

The “Hope Campaign”

This impactful campaign invites individuals and organizations to become weekly sponsors, joining hands to ignite a beacon of hope for women who are in dire need of support. The weekly reoccurring sponsorships start at just $5 per week, extending over the course of a full year. There are also additional sponsorship levels at $10 and $20 per week. By committing to this sustained partnership, “Hiding Place Hope Partners” play a pivotal role in nurturing positive change and providing a lifeline of assistance to those who need it the most.

How the RCM&D Regatta will Help

Funding from the RCM&D Regatta will cover secure housing for women and children in The Hiding Place’s program. Women gain structure, discipline and goal setting in each of the three phases of the program, with the final phase focused on securing employment and housing.

Learn More

To learn more about The Hiding Place, visit their website or watch a quick video to see the organization at a glance. For additional information about the Regatta, click here.