Vacationing This Winter?

Before you depart, remember that identify theft is a real risk that happens to a lot of people every year, especially travelers who let their guard down. Many who log on to public Wi-Fi at Starbucks, a hotel lobby or in an airport are unaware of the risks associated with doing so.  For those who would like a refresher on protecting your personal data and identity while traveling, we have partnered with LIFARS, a leading digital forensics and cybersecurity intelligence firm to author this brief report:  Cyber Security While Traveling.

Especially for those traveling internationally, have you considered how you will gain quick access to quality medical attention in the event of an illness or injury?  We encourage all travelers to evaluate the medical emergency protection options that are available to address this risk and to review the three great programs available through Travelguard, underwritten by AIG

Have a safe trip!