We Always Talk About Diversity and Inclusion; Here’s 7 Ways to Make Those Words Actually Mean Something

On Wednesday, March 27, RCM&D and Risk Cooperative were joined by a panel of diversity experts to discuss “Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce and Beyond.” The event took place at the Hardywood Brewery, West Creek in Richmond, Virginia. The dynamic discussion focused on what diversity and inclusion really mean in a variety of settings, how to establish a successful program and assign metrics, being strategic in removing people from their comfort zones, how to avoid being tone deaf and much more.

In a recent article published by Risk & Insurance, Risk Cooperative’s Partner and Chief Revenue Officer (event moderator), Les Williams and RCM&D’s Education Practice Leader, James Shewey (event host), recap the event by discussing seven practical takeaways that organizations can leverage to establish a more diverse and inclusive environment.

  1. Have Measurable Outcomes
  2. Tie Bonuses to Diversity and Inclusion
  3. Create a Discourse around Ideas
  4. Include White Males in the Conversation
  5. Implement Strategies to Remove Individuals From Their Comfort Zones
  6. Avoid Being Tone Deaf
  7. For Educational Institutions, Adapt to the Changing Times

Participating in the panel discussion was Carlos M. Brown, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Dominion Energy; Susan “Syd” Dorsey, Management Consultant; Rosalyn Hobson Hargraves, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Assessment and Transformation at Virginia Commonwealth University; and Maria Tedesco, President at Union Bank & Trust.

Individuals can read more about the key takeaways from the discussion by reading the Risk & Insurance Article, “We Always Talk About Diversity and Inclusion; Here’s 7 Ways to Make Those Words Actually Mean Something.”

Photographs from the event can be found on RCM&D’s Facebook and a copy of the event program can be downloaded here.