Welcome Back! Is Your Aging Services Facility Ready for Visitors?

As we modify so many aspects of life amid the COVID-19 pandemic, all industries face the difficult question of “what’s next?” This question rings especially true for long-term care facilities, with the easing of visitation restrictions being a highly-discussed topic. Welcoming guests back to your facility and developing a process for outdoor family and social visits requires a carefully-crafted plan to ensure the safety of residents, staff and guests.

Several factors must be considered in planning for outdoor visits to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Below, you’ll find some essential points to consider when developing your plan. Please note, this list is not all inclusive; additional elements may be necessary for your facility.

Getting Ready

Before resuming visitation, it is crucial to assess your facility and decide whether it can safely host visitors. When developing a plan, consider these factors:

Safe Hospitality

During visits, it is imperative to ensure that all are adhering to protocols and that the setting supports a safe process.

How Did It Go?

The process doesn’t end after visits are completed. Monitoring your program for successes and modifications must be ongoing.

We Can Help

RCM&D’s Risk Consulting team can help your facility create a comprehensive plan to safely welcome visitors. Our informational guide, Welcome Back: A Visitation Guide for Aging Services, is available here. Talk to your trusted advisor today.