Risk Management Webinar Series | Managing the OSHA Inspection Process – Part 1: The Inspection

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This webinar is Part 1 of a series focused on “Mitigating Risks in the OSHA Inspection Process.” We encourage you to also register for Part 2: The Inspection is Over; What Happens Next? that will take place on Wednesday, June 5.

OSHA inspections don’t come with advanced notice or warning, so preparation is key. This session will cover several important aspects of an OSHA inspection, including the types of inspections, the inspection process and walk-through scenarios. Most importantly, we will help you develop a plan to successfully manage an OSHA inspection. OSHA has increased the monetary penalties associated with citations, so it is more important than ever to be prepared.

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Jesenia Gonzalez, GSP

Risk Consultant

Paul O’Connor

Risk Consultant