RCM&D Healthcare Expertise shared in ASHRM Forum

Focusing on Generational Nuances in the Workplace: RCM&D’s Healthcare Expertise shared in ASHRM Forum

RCM&D’s Carol Miginsky, CPHRM, FASHRM, DABRM, provides insight on generational differences and opportunities within the healthcare environment in her article “Withstanding Time: Generational Characteristics at Work,” recently published in the ASHRM Forum (Q2, 2013).

“Text, IM and Tweet versus legal pad, Rolodex and rotary phone.  If the meanings of any of the aforementioned words are lost upon you, you might suffer from a generational language barrier.  These misunderstandings occur every day in the workplace and are related to generational differences in our society. People communicate based on their generational backgrounds. The characteristic attitudes, expectations and behaviors of each generation in the workforce today will be explored in this article.” – Carol Miginsky, CPHRM, FASHRM, DABRM

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