RCM&D Offers New Professional Liability Coverage Designed for Public Safety and Security Professionals

RCM&D is now offering a new specialty professional liability insurance coverage designed by Rockwood Programs exclusively for the public safety, security and law enforcement sectors who work for private colleges and universities, healthcare systems and hospitals and other organizations employing the use of onsite security personnel. The program provides defense coverage in the event an individual member of the “safety” group is a direct target of an administrative or criminal action.  The policy can be further enhanced to include coverage for civil actions (excess basis) and choice of legal counsel. 

“We launched the product to address an underserved niche in the marketplace”, explains the president of Rockwood Programs, Glenn Clark, CPCU.  “In today’s litigious society, allegations leveled against individuals dedicated to providing a safe environment at educational and healthcare facilities are on the rise. While campus police, hospital security staff and similar groups are trained to diffuse situations in as non-confrontational a manner as possible, more definitive steps must sometimes be taken to protect public safety.  Schools and hospitals carry the insurance needed to protect the organization in the case of a suit.  But what happens if an individual is singled out as a result of their involvement in the underlying event?”

To mitigate the risk and provide critical coverage, this new product is designed for group purchase at a minimal rate per person. The product is underwritten by an insurance carrier rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best.  And, claims are adjusted by the nationally recognized law firm, Wilson Elser, providing more than 30 years of professional liability litigation experience.  Advocacy defense for those covered by the new program will be provided by Wilson Elser’s legal team or the client’s selected counsel if pre-approved by the carrier.