RCM&D Self-Insured Services Company (SISCO) Celebrates 40 Years

BALTIMORE, MD – RCM&D Self-Insured Services Company (SISCO) celebrates 40 years of providing best-in-class claim administration services. During this time, SISCO has become an industry leader, boasting an average client retention rate of 95 percent.

Founded in 1979 as a subsidiary to RCM&D, SISCO was formed to provide a comprehensive and innovative solution for organizations seeking a self-insured alternative in workers’ compensation and required claim administration services. “SISCO was built on the principle that vigilant loss and risk management coupled with effective claim management would lower costs for clients,” commented Albert “Skip” Counselman, Chairman and CEO of RCM&D.  SISCO has since diversified to offer claim administration and consulting services for short and long-term disability, professional and general liability, automobile liability, and property losses for organizations that are self-insured, fully-insured, or funded through captive or high deductible programs.

“What is truly amazing is that we are reaching a great milestone while serving many of the same clients we started with 40 years ago,” said Sharon Russell, Director of SISCO. “It is a true testament to how we operate.  Service is the foundation of what we do and drives us to continually innovate on behalf of our clients.”

Earlier this year, SISCO was recognized for innovation and exceptional service delivery as a finalist for the Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Team of the Year in the Business Insurance 2019 U.S. Insurance Awards Program. SISCO earned the honor as a result of their ability to streamline and integrate all applicable claim handling services for their clients through a strategic partnership with the award-winning claim administration software vendor, Origami Risk.

“Our team partners with clients to truly understand their culture, goals, vision and industry landscape.  Because of that commitment, SISCO was formed to address a need of a single RCM&D healthcare client,” remarked, President of SISCO.  “Within three years, SISCO provided TPA services for seven additional organizations. Today, we mark the 40th anniversary as a national leader in third-party administration and claim consulting with more than 100 clients. SISCO’s success is a result of its ability to collaborate with clients, understand their needs and adapt in the marketplace.


RCM&D Self-Insured Services Company (SISCO) is a trusted partner in claim management, consulting and advisory services for clients that are self-insured, fully-insured, or utilize captive or high deductible programs. SISCO leverages its collective expertise and technological resources to ensure budget certainty, reduced costs and the overall efficiency of the client’s claim processes. | 888.377.7263